Ancelotti will not coach until June

Ancelotti will not coach until June

Carlo Ancelotti repeated the sentence that he would not accept another job until June, and did not feel ashamed after being dumped by Bayern Munich.

The German club fired former Milan and Juventus coaches last week, with Jupp Heynckes ensuring today as his replacement.

Carletto was in Italy to receive an award for his book entitled ‘Il Leader Calmo’ and he spoke with reporters from abroad.

“Bayern Munich is a thing of the past, and so far I am still calm,” said Ancelotti.

“Fired is part of a coach’s job risk, and it’s not a shame to me. In 22 years I have always had a good relationship with all the players I have trained, because I respect them all. ”

“That’s how I performed at Bayern too.”

“Are the players against me? I do not know, where as a coach I have to make a choice to send 11 to the field and seven to the bench. ”

“It depends on the players’ intelligence to accept the choice, and to the club to support their coach.”

“The adventure is over. Now I’m on vacation and will stay like this for 10 months, maybe until June. ”

“Roma, Milan or the national team? I respect Vincenzo Montella, Eusebio Di Francesco and Giampiero Ventura, I hope they win all games from now until the end of the season. ”

“I have not thought about taking over the national team.”

“Italy has the strength to get to the World Cup, even if there is a stronger national team.”

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