Bring Neymar, PSG Considered Blunder

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Bring Neymar, PSG Considered Blunder

PSG’s plan to bring in Neymar gets comments from Jean-Michel Aulas. President of Lyon’s PSG rate better to bring in other players Maxbet Terpercaya Indonesia.

PSG is rumored to stay one step longer to bring Neymar from Barcelona. They have agreed with the release clause worth 222 million euros (about Rp 3.4 trillion).

Neymar’s salary was not playing games. PSG will give him 30 million euros for the next five seasons.

“I think the transfer is totally unfavorable economically.The total PSG spend 500 million euros if it really buys Neymar,” Aulas said as quoted by Soccerway.

“Though Ligue 1 is not like the English Premier League which revenues from TV is very big, bringing Neymar is too risky,” he added.

This season new PSG bring in two new players. Namely Yuri Berchiche from Real Sociedad and Dani Alves from Juventus.

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