Drama Pelik Carlton Cole bersama Persib

Pemain asing Persib, Carlton Cole, saat menjalani latihan di Lapangan Lodaya, Selasa (1/8/2017) sore.

Carlton Cole is inflamed. He again made upset by the Manager Persib Bandung, Umuh Muchtar, who increasingly conditioned to not expect existence in the squad Maung Bandung.

The feud both re-taper when Umuh returned to criticism spicy.

Background Cole’s resentment began when Persib’s squad started training to face second round of Liga 1 Indonesia in Lodaya Field, Tuesday (08/01/2017) afternoon.

No special incidents occurred during the training session. All players are present, including new recruits Purwaka Yudhi and of course Carlton Cole.

On several occasions, Cole looked joking with some penggawa Persib. It seemed to imply that he was at home in the squad Maung Bandung, although rarely appear.

The situation of sudden training when the Manager Persib, Umuh Muchtar, present to monitor the exercise. The crowd cheered the presence of Umuh. He also sat in a chair that has been provided.

On the pitch, players are playing games to hone game schemes. Cole who operates on the front lines in charge of executing all opportunities.

Cole’s comfort gesture with the team did not seem to affect the opinion bobotoh already disappointed with the performance of the former Chelsea player. Cheers of ridicule are often addressed to Cole every time he executes an opportunity.

Kumandang azan maghrib close session Persib practice. Whistle marking the end of training that sounded caretaker Herrie Jose started the war war opinion between Cole and Umuh.

After the training, the media crew approached Umuh with the intention of asking a number of questions, including Cole’s presence in training sessions. Because, previously Umuh confirmed if the fate of Cole in Persib is over.

“Cole starting tomorrow is not training, I’m sure that (Cole) should not practice today,” Umuh told reporters.

“Tomorrow I call Mr. Teddy (Director of PT UN), but it is still a meeting, so let Mr. Teddy who talks about love know directly to baseball and we have prepared a replacement,” added Umuh.

If it refers to Cole’s appearance, Umuh’s annoyance is quite plausible because of the lack of contribution generated by the player. In fact, he imported Persib with a very expensive price.

However, Umuh’s statement indicates there is a unequal perception at the level of club officials. Therefore, Umuh’s statement was not accompanied by a firm attitude from management about the fate of the former West Ham United bomber it.

“(Talks with Cole) That’s the management thing should be now (practice) last, but he came barreling,” said Umuh with a tone of annoyance.

At the same time, Umuh also revealed plans to bring a new striker Persib. One of them, Portugal striker, Erivelto Emiliano da Silva.

Umuh’s statement turned to Cole’s ear. In the evening, Cole immediately made a statement of attitude on Umuh’s comment through his personal Instagram account.

Cole wrote his curhatannya in English. In his uploads, he tells that if Umuh’s criticism has got the spotlight of foreign media. It also makes Cole hit.

“I will stay professional and calm as usual, but a direct attack to me for a season should be stopped.See yourself before you appoint someone else I’m surprised and disappointed with what came out of Umuh Muchtar’s mouth in Sky Sport UK media , “Cole wrote, late Tuesday.

In his writings, Cole wants to clarify the matter of his fate with Persib. He claims that his current relationship with Persib is still well established.

However, news coverage in the media is considered to have threatened his career.

“I want to clarify, I have a good relationship with Persib and all are intertwined with each other on the team, but the manipulation in the media should be stopped because as you intensify, it hurts my career I have started to start it hard, Cole said.

He then threw a sense of allegiance to Umuh who never expected his presence since Persib was brought in at the beginning of last season.

“I did not appoint the person, he has not supported me even since coming to the club, I have never been treated fairly, but I keep my mouth closed and work as a professional,” he said.

At the end of his writing, Cole stated that until now he is still a Persib player. He admitted reluctantly more soluble response to the existing dynamics. Providing moral support to the team so atensinya at this time.

“I am still a Persib player until I announce to the public I have one year contract here and I enjoy it so far when I turn a blind eye to this person’s attack on the media By the way, let’s hope the best in the future for Persib Bandung , “Cole said.

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Pemain berusia 29 tahun itu dikontrak dari sisi Liga MX Leon pada kontrak tiga tahun, tunduk pada penerimaan visanya.

Lampard mengumumkan pensiun dari sepak bola pada awal bulan ini setelah musim di MLS, setelah karir piala-sarat di Chelsea dan mantra singkat di Manchester City.

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Sabtu gemilang menang 3-1 atas Arsenal didirikan 12-poin di atas meja – yang tetap setelah Liverpool merosot ke kekalahan mengejutkan 2-0 di Hull City.

Conte, mantan pemain dan pelatih kepala untuk Juventus dan Italia, tahu kemenangan dan putus asa pada akhir tajam dari pertandingan dengan baik.

Dia ingat Liga Champions kekalahan akhir Juve di tangan Borussia Dortmund dan AC Milan pada tahun 1997 dan 2003 masing-masing, memiliki mengatasi Ajax adu penalti untuk menaklukkan Eropa pada tahun 1996.

The Old Lady juga menyerah biaya terlambat mendebarkan Lazio untuk merebut Serie A kemuliaan pada tahun 1999-2000 dan Conte mewaspadai sisi di-wujudnya menderita nasib yang sama dengan 14 pertandingan masih bermain.

“Kami belum memenangkan gelar. Hal ini penting untuk mengetahui hal ini dan untuk menjaga antena kami sangat tinggi,” katanya.

“Dalam karir saya sebagai pemain sepakbola saya memenangkan banyak tapi aku kehilangan banyak. Bila Anda sudah mendapat tiga final Liga Champions dan menang hanya satu, saya pikir Anda memiliki rasa lapar yang besar.

“Selain itu, selama pengalaman saya sebagai pesepakbola, saya memenangkan gelar dengan delapan poin lagi sebelum empat pertandingan di akhir. Lain kali aku hilang dengan cara yang sama.