Fachruddin: I am grateful to score goals, especially the team can win

Fachruddin: I am grateful to score goals, especially the team can win

Madura United managed to win with a convincing 3-0 score on host Persegres Gresik United in a match held at the Petrochemical Stadium, Gresik, Tuesday (26/09/2017) night Agen Bola Terpercaya.

Madura United’s winning goal in the match was born through contributions from Fachruddin Wahyudi Aryanto, Engelberd Sani, and Thiago Furtuoso.

“I am grateful to score goals, especially the team can win.This is the second goal during the professional competition, the first goal in Sriwijaya FC last year,” said Fachruddin after the game.

Nevertheless, Fachruddin evasive if the victory achieved in a contra game Persegres only due to the slick appearance of some players Madura United.

He judges, the results of three points achieved by Madura United is the fruit of cooperation of all players who descended.

“The result of this match is the hard work of all players together and for the hard work effort we finally got three points here (Gresik),” he said.

Moreover, in the game counter Persegres, many Madura United supporters who are willing to provide direct support at the Petrochemical Stadium.

With this condition, said by Fachruddin, increasingly adding to the spirit of him and other Madura United players to achieve victory.

“Supporters support us to make the game more excited to give the best for those who have come all the way here, we also feel like playing at home because the host supporter baseball is there, so it feels like playing at home,” he said.

An additional three points from the match counter Persegres make Madura United rank crawl up third place in the standings.

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