Tabarez Confessed Satisfied With Uruguay Escudes

Tabarez Confessed Satisfied With Uruguay Escudes

Oscar Tabarez claimed to be proud and satisfied with the performance of Uruguay after successfully winning his last game in a 4-2 World Cup qualifier over Bolivia

The reason, the victory membaut Uruguay finished second with 31 points. They are under Brazil who have made sure to qualify first by reaching 41 points.

Nevertheless, Tabarez saw his team’s journey during qualifying was not easy. However, thanks to some of his solid game Uruguay is able to appear uphill.

“We are very satisfied. Today we came to play and try to win a victory for the people here. I see our squad so promising because they are able to adapt well in Europe, “Tabarez told local media.

“There’s a way to do what’s possible to compete. Qualification is the greatest competition, but we appreciate it the same as the 2010 World Cup or 2014. “he said.

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